UsMenTalkBy UsMenTalkApril 14, 20202 Minutes

Hey guys, I know what a smooth shave and great razor look and feel like. After all, I’ve been shaving for 50 years so if experience counts, I’m an expert! The Panasonic LV – ES 95 is by far the best electric razor on the market today. I’ve tried most of them, and while they’re all good, this is number 1 in my book. The shave is as close as a handheld razor going both up and down your face. To the touch, you won’t feel a single hair on your face, no matter which direction you glide your fingers in. It comes with 5 Nano tech blades moving at lightning speed and powered by a super strong battery. All this produces unequalled performance. I get about 5 great shaves per charge, and it takes about an hour to recharge. It’s definitely a touch pricier than the others…, but well worth it. I still have the previous model and use that one as well. I have not yet changed the blades in either model and both give me that silky smooth shave I want. I highly recommend the Panasonic and look forward to getting their next model.

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Cheers to all of you!