Hey guys, here is a subject that I know and have experienced all too well, and one many of you may know about too. It’s something we may all have suffered from at one time or another.

Breaking Free: A Story of Addiction and Recovery

My name is Cory. I’m Larry Bryan’s son-in-law and I'm an addict.

Facing Your Fears

No matter who you are or how big and strong you may be, every one of us guys has one or more fears.

Hitting The Jackpot Of Devastation

In my bachelor days, as a former gambler, I enjoyed rolling the dice when it came to my money. I always believed I would win and had the confidence that I could recover from any loss.

How I Got Kicked out of College and How I Bounced Back

I’m not exactly sure why, but I think I was given more than my fair share of shit to handle and overcome. Maybe God wanted me to be well-prepared and experienced enough to host this kind of……

My Son Is Diagnosed With What?

This is the real life story of Steve and Carol and how they handled the news no parent wants to hear.