Building a Father-Son Relationship

The father-son relationship is one of the most important relationships we can have. It can greatly influence how our lives turn out.

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Facing Your Fears

No matter who you are or how big and strong you may be, every one of us guys has one or more fears.

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You Better Think Twice

Hey guys, my name is Eric and here’s my story. It was a Wednesday, March 14th, 2001, 2:00 pm, a moment in time I will never forget.

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Surprisingly Gay

This may be a sensitive topic, but I have two guy friends who are gay and I’d like to share their stories and talk a little about how we deal with sexuality.

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Oral Sex… That’s My Favorite

Many people in the world dream of bettering their sex lives. They have sex, but it lacks the spark they so desire.

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Hitting The Jackpot Of Devastation

In my bachelor days, as a former gambler, I enjoyed rolling the dice when it came to my money. I always believed I would win and had the confidence that I could recover from any…

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