What Will Be The New Normal? | Life After Covid-19

UsMenTalkBy UsMenTalkMay 1, 20207 Minutes

OK guys, we are all speculating on what life and behavior will be like as we begin to return to the new normal. Here’s some of my quick thoughts based on all the information and conversations I’ve been taking in and having.

A recent study I heard about on CNBC suggested that 67% of people polled said they would not get on an airplane anytime soon. The reasons mentioned were fear of catching the virus, being too close to those who may have it, and the uncomfortable nature of having to wear a mask for hours upon hours of travel time. Also added to the reasons is the fact that many people have been so financially hurt that they can no longer afford any type of vacation or additional expenditure like an airplane ticket or cruise. Most people will be worried about their job, worried about their business, and/or worried about paying future basic household bills.

The same study I heard about on CNBC also suggested that approximately 48% of those people polled said they would not be returning to eat inside a restaurant anytime soon either. To the extent that a restaurant owner will provide seating that is 6 feet or more a part and partition it off may attract some customers, but that will not be any where’s near enough to support and maintain their restaurant business. Since most restaurants operate on the basis that allows the owner to take out 10 to 20% of their gross revenues for their income, these mostly “sit in type“ restaurants will need to adapt and provide a new way of serving customers. This will most likely be in the form of delivery and pick up if they’re able to do this. Almost half the people that I have spoken to said that in total there is a vaccine that they have received themselves, they will not return to the inside of a restaurant or the inside of anything.

As I am writing this article, it was just announced that Simon properties, the largest owner of malls, will be opening up 49 different ones in certain states. It has been suggested these malls will limit the amount of people that can come in at any one time, and there will be a 50 ft.² radius between each of us that will need to be adhered to as we walk throughout the mall. Additionally, we will have our temperature checked at the door and we may be required to wear a mask as well. I also heard that they will be closing down and or severely limiting the food court seating and food choices. Can you imagine going to the mall, having to wait outside in a line before you can be let in, and then having your temperature checked before entering as well. Suppose the wait in line is for an hour or more and suppose when you get to the door their thermometer says that you have a temperature even if you don’t. You then will be sent home.

Another big area that will be protected will be for those who will be working from home. Many executives who were forced to work have now experienced the success of being able to do that. As such, it is my understanding that many of these executives will be instructing their companies to ask more people to work from home. This will have a big effect on office space leased and real estate prices and valuations. From an investment perspective this will create a lot of super winning stocks and companies and at the same time will surely produce some super losing stocks and companies. I can also foresee a large amount of bankruptcies, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time, being filed before year-end.

Last, I see a lot more online shopping and use of technology-based services being used more often. Even basic health checkups/physicals and the getting of prescriptions will also be done online as there are many technology companies all set to handle this new efficient market place and demand.

OK guys, I think I said enough to get you started. If you have some thoughts, suggestions and opinions, I want to hear about them. Please don’t hesitate to leave me your feedback below. Also, if you have other topics that you’d like me to cover that are related in any way or anything else for that matter, let me know that as well.

Cheers to all of you 🍺!