You Better Think Twice

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Hey guys, my name is Eric and here’s my story.

It was a Wednesday, March 14th, 2001, 2:00 pm, a moment in time I will never forget.

It was my first day in jail of what was a 12 year sentence for strong armed robbery. The prosecutor asked for 30 years so I guess the judge did me a favor.

You see, I was high on crack and alcohol one night and completely broke so I robbed a Winn Dixie store. As luck would have it, on my way out with the money, a police officer came walking in to pick up a few grocery items for his family. I immediately ran to my car, jumped in, and the chase was on. Within 30 minutes I was surrounded by 4 police cars. They ordered me out and on the ground. I complied.

Then, one of the police officers leaned over my head and said, “We’re going to teach you a lesson now.” The next thing I knew, 2 of their dogs attacked me. They let them rip me apart for a minute while they all watched. Next stop…, the hospital ER. After that, county jail.

My life didn’t start out this way.

In high school, I was a standout, 3 sport, all conference athlete. After high school, I went on to become a navy seal and had a chance to work on a nuclear sub. I got married and had a beautiful daughter too. How I ended up in this shit hole is a blur, but those 12 years in prison were definitely not.

I remember walking into prison on that first day. I was scared to death. I didn’t know what to expect. Yeah, I’m about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds of “in your face” tough, but I was still scared. There are many groups in prison, each with 5-7 guys in them. And each group watches you walk in. Later, when you’re alone, they decide to see what kind of “bitch” you would make for them. Welcome to my first week, let’s call it hell week.

And for those of you frat boys reading this you should try a week in the penitentiary first before you call your “pledge week” a hell week. While in prison you’re going to get ripped, one way or another, either from “body building” or from “butt banging”! Work it.

The next day was my first breakfast meal. What time is breakfast you ask? Breakfast is at 4:30 am everyday.., not 4:31 am. As I quickly learned, “sleep a minute late and you will lose weight.” How is the food? Just a couple of notches below wet cat food. Meals were not designated as a time to eat. They were instead considered a “feeding of the animals,” by the guards.

For all intense and purposes, we were treated like animals that society wanted locked away from the rest. Life was routine and structured, there was no deviation.

My first night there I didn’t sleep a minute. I was placed in a group type unit with 100 other guys. About 50 bunk beds all in one small room. Each bunk was inches away from the next. Anyone of those other inmates could have jumped me and slit my throat open in a second. But staying awake wasn’t that difficult when your mattress is about an inch thick, 30 inches wide, and 72 inches long. I was basically sleeping on steel with a thin layer that the prison called a mattress. By the way, if you’re taller than 6 feet, to fuckin bad!

And if this wasn’t bad enough, try listening to some other inmate a few feet from you getting a blowjob from his bitch. Yes, everything is out in the open! As they say in prison, “suck it up buttercup,” or become one. Oh, and did I tell you, lights out at 10:00 pm sharp! “No talking”, or the guards make you stand up all night long.

Does it get better? Well this story for you the reader maybe does, but the experience for me did not. When was the last time you took a shit, where the 10 toilets used were in the middle of a bunk room, with no side, front or back panels? Guys could lay in their beds and watch you take a shit and wipe your ass.

Embarrassing at first, but that’s prison life. And don’t think the room didn’t stink all the time either.., for 12 straight years. Aside from the shit, half the guys didn’t shower but once a week.

Some of you may also be wondering how we heterosexual guys handled our masculinity. Here’s how it works. Basically, you can kiss your penis good bye. In my 12 years in jail, I was only able to masturbate 6 times.

That’s an average of 1 time every two years. Can you imagine? I had to wait until I earned the right at my job in jail to use a private bathroom. When I did, we were only allowed 2 minutes to use this restroom for whatever.

There was always a line of guys waiting to use it when you were done as well. If you needed more time, too bad. Your fellow inmates would be pounding on the door and telling you to get out.

When we showered, we were in a group/dorm like shower area. There were 16 shower heads. God forbid if you were thinking about a girl and started getting a little hard while showering. One of the straight guys in my dorm unfortunately did get hard. Some of the other inmates showering with him at the time took this as an insult.

Later the next day, he was taken around the side of a building out in the exercise yard and those inmates cut his penis off. And no, we didn’t have a good seamstress on staff.

So please guys, please, don’t end up in my shoes.

Think twice before you choose to act. Sometimes the consequences can be brutal. I’m out of jail now and life is good. I have a steady job and I’m also about to become the father of twins so I will get a second chance to be a dad. By the way, I haven’t seen or heard from my other daughter in 15 years.

Although I’ve tried, she wants nothing to do with me. Just added casualties of my actions.

Okay guys, whaddaya think?

Have you had a similar experience? Can you relate? Share your thoughts, your stories, your questions and advice so we can all learn from one another and make better decisions. Plus, you’ll get some huge karma points for doing so.

Have a great day and a great life.

Larry Bryan
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