How I Got Kicked out of College and How I Bounced Back

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I’m not exactly sure why, but I think I was given more than my fair share of shit to handle and overcome. Maybe God wanted me to be well-prepared and experienced enough to host this kind of website. If so, mission accomplished! But I will tell you this: I have never felt stronger as a person than I do now. After successfully overcoming many of my own personal hurdles, my self-confidence levels have skyrocketed and my worry levels have plummeted.

If you’ve read my “shit list,” you know about all the hurdles that have been thrown my way (For those of you who haven’t read about my life’s experiences, click here to read my “shit list”. Then come back and finish reading this piece. You’ll feel better after seeing what I’ve been through).

They all came at different times in my life which made a big difference in how I handled them. I think the one I’m about to share with you hit me pretty hard because I was so young. Luckily, I learned an important lesson and grew a lot from the experience.

My Story

I was 19 years old and I had just finished my freshman year at Florida State University (FSU). More accurately, I had just finished partying in Tallahassee for the last nine months. About three weeks after arriving home for the summer, I got a letter from FSU. It was short and not very sweet.

It said, “You do not need to return next year as you have been administratively dismissed for academic performance.”

I don’t blame them for their decision considering my cumulative GPA that year was a whopping 1.25. At the time, I wasn’t even aware that you could be kicked out of school for having a less-than-stellar first year. LOL today.

My parents, who paid for everything, weren’t too pleased either. In fact, they were so upset that they stopped funding my education and suggested I get a job before they “administratively dismissed” me from living in the house. Oh shit, I think I was in trouble!

So, being the industrious bullshitter I was, I got two jobs. One as a janitor (from 8 a.m.–4 p.m.) and one as a car parking attendant (from 5 p.m.–midnight). It wasn’t too long after working those jobs that reality set in: I was scared to death that this was going to be my future.

Time for plan B — an application to the University of Miami (U of M).

After I applied, I went to meet with the dean personally to increase my chances of a “yes.” He had reviewed my FSU transcripts prior to my arrival, and with a smile on his face, he said, “You must be kidding. There is no way I can accept you here, nor will you be successful with our curriculum.” Ouch!

But I was always quick with a response, so I begged him with the truth. I told him that I had royally screwed up, that I hadn’t applied myself, that I had been working two humbling jobs and that I just needed one more chance.

“Accept me provisionally for one semester. If I don’t get a 3.5 GPA or better, kick me out,” I said. “There’s no law that says you can’t accept me. Give me this one shot.”

Unbelievably, he agreed.

I didn’t start at U of M that semester, but waited until the next. Knowing that this might be my last chance, I wanted to use the upcoming semester to get the books and study them prior to the semester I was to attend. And study every night I did. During the semester I attended, I was scared all day, every day until my grades were in. Luckily, I nailed it. And I never got a GPA less than 3.5 again. I went on to graduate from U of M and then on to getting my MBA.

The Lesson

You see, I never gave up on myself, and I believed that if you are honest and genuine with others, they will be open to helping you when they can. This Dean heard and felt my heart’s plea. He did wonders for me as he gave me the chance to prove that he was right in giving me that chance, and that I was right that I could make it happen. As they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Remember this:

No matter what your situation, there is always a way to get things back on track. Be honest, open, genuine and committed, and those you speak to will hear your heart.

Okay guys, whaddaya think?

Have you had a similar experience? Can you relate? Share your thoughts, your stories, your questions and advice so we can all learn from one another and make better decisions. Plus, you’ll get some huge karma points for doing so.

Have a great day and a great life.

Larry Bryan
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