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Guys, let’s face it, when it comes to sex, most of the time, we like to get to the last minute before orgasm right away. For you ladies reading this, you like to take your time. Why? Because there’s a difference between visual stimulation for guys (ready immediately), and emotional stimulation for women, (ready when they feel emotionally close to us and aren’t pissed at us for not doing something they forgot to tell us to do). It’s also because it takes the average guy about 3-6 minutes of direct stimulation before we reach orgasm. Women, on average, take about 20-40 minutes to reach orgasm. But why are we wired like this? Because God built us to think about sex approximately 35 times during our waking day. That’s about 2 times every hour and our thinking can last for 1-2 minutes each time. Maybe this is why us guys are diagnosed so often with ADHD. Add some environmental stimulation to this already built-in internal programming, like an attractive lady walks by us, we see a provocative picture in a magazine or on a billboard, or we just watched a women’s lubrication commercial on TV, and that just adds to our readiness. Simply put, we stand ready, willing, able and available for sex and an orgasm at a moment’s notice. Just ask us! I haven’t even gotten to the next paragraph yet and I’ll bet half of you are thinking about sex right now! Depending upon your age and shape that may be all you can do. Lol. I know I am as I’m writing this. At my age, we make appointments, so I’m going to sneak one into my wife’s calendar while she’s out shopping. Since it’s on her IPhone, hopefully she won’t know I did it. I’ll be back in a minute…

Ok I’m back. In this paragraph, I want to get you some facts so here we go. First, the woman’s clitoris is the only human body part (male or female) designed exclusively for sex. When she’s aroused it’s filled with blood just like the penis is. But that doesn’t happen in a “New York” minute like it does for us guys. Second, black guys do NOT generally have larger penises than white guys, AND NO; Asian penises are not the smallest on earth either just because most Asians are short in height! So what’s the average man’s penis length when it’s erect? It depends how good looking his girl is and how long he’s been with her. (Just Kidding). It’s 5.5 to 7 inches. And for those of you concerned that you’re too small, don’t try any of those advertised enhancement creams. I did it once just to see if mine would get bigger as advertised, if used for a 2 month period. I measured before, than again 2 months later. Result, I actually lost ½ an inch. The manufacturer returned my money but couldn’t help me with the refund on the ½ inch. Next, what do women prefer, circumcised or uncircumcised? The majority of American women prefer circumcised. As for the rest of the world, the women are split. Bottom line, don’t redecorate now, and for pains sake, leave the curtains, it’s too costly and painful to make any changes. Just change your roommate or recruit from Europe. Last, what creates the greatest sex for a woman? Answer, the most difficult thing for a man to do.., TAKE OUR TIME. Women love the romance, or what I call the slow exciting “descent” of love making. This can take hours to days if done right. Just to make it through this period we guys may have to jerk off 2-3 times along the way. Oh well.

I’m going to forget about the “DON’T’S” of love making and sex for now. Most of us guys are experts at this already. Let’s take a look at some of the DO’S that work, especially on a weekend.
1) Plan it out in your mind for that particular day/night.
2) Start her out with a nice breakfast you made for her. Keep it simple, but not a bowl of cereal.
3) Talk with her about any subject she likes. Let her do most of the talking, you listen!
4) If she needs/wants to go shopping, food or otherwise, go with her.
5) Surprise her by taking her out to lunch at place she really likes.
6) Tell her at lunch that she’s going to have the best orgasm ever tonight, but she’s going to have to wait until much later.
7) After dinner, get some soft and relaxing music going, like some “new age”, and tell her the evening festivities are going to be starting. Let her know you’ve planned everything out and she needs to just let go and roll with the plan.
8) Now it’s time that she lay down face forward, naked on the towel you put on the bed, so she can enjoy your oil based- full body massage (except the breast and vagina area to start.) Build that excitement! Make sure you also have her put on an eye mask. This allows her to focus on your touches while listening to that sexually arousing music which enhances the sensation. About 45 minutes ought to do the trick.

Assuming you were able to last all day long yourself, we are ready for the home stretch. Here’s a technique that could be mind-blowing for your lady so pay close attention.

Have her roll over on her back. You sit in between her legs facing her. She will probably want to put her legs over yours. Softly, and I mean softly, begin stroking her breasts, stomach, and around her vagina area, barely so often stroking the clitoris. Let your fingers glide across these areas. Mix it up too. Women love this. Talk to her the whole time. Let her know your enjoying touching her more than she can imagine. Tell her how hard you’re getting. (For those of you who are very senior citizens, take your Viagra or she’ll know you’re lying). Give her one of the vibrators you have next to you and tell her she is going to use it for her orgasm. While she is getting revved up, you continue to use your hands all over her, but with more emphasis around the vagina. Again, barely touching the clitoris. Keep your fingers lubricated. Go in and out with your finger inside of her, but only go in about a quarter to ½ an inch deep. She will love this. As you sense she’s getting close to orgasm, turn on your second vibrator that you will control. This is the one you kept next to you and didn’t tell her you had. (Remember, she has that blind fold on). Make sure you put oil on it too. Slowly, and I mean slowly, move it in and out of her, but not too deeply. And right when she starts to orgasm, move it in and out a little deeper, but continue going slowly. She will be hysterical at this point. Some women have even had a “squirting orgasm” using this technique. Don’t be surprised if you lady does too. After her orgasm, let her catch her breath. While she is, you should gently stroke her body again all over. There is a real good chance she’ll want another. This technique is called the “V squared” (2 vibrators). If she tells you it’s the most incredible orgasm she’s had to date, send me some good karma points.

Okay guys, whaddaya think?

Have you had a similar experience? Can you relate? Share your thoughts, your stories, your questions and advice so we can all learn from one another and make better decisions. Plus, you’ll get some huge karma points for doing so.

Have a great day and a great life.

Larry Bryan
A regular guy, another opinion.℠

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